Get ready for a new game called Wordseeker! This time you will need to be an expert in words and letters because this game is different from all the others. A 30 square tarp will be given to you. You will have 6 rows of 5 empty squares. Your aim is to try to fill the squares with letters so that you will get one meaningful word in each row. Your main goal is to find the word of the level! In total, you have 6 chances that allow you to try to find the 5-letter word. As you write a meaningful word in each row, you'll see the boxes turn gray, yellow, or green. Gray means the word you just used is not in your word, and yellow means the letter is in your word but not in it. Green means both the letter and its position. All correct. Use these hints to help you find the word and keep trying until you fill in all 6 rows. Have fun!


- Graphics in different colors.

- Multiple levels to complete.

- Levels that are fun and hard to stop playing.

- Intuitive controls.

- Unique gameplay.  

How to play

Use mouse to play this games!


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