Sedecordle is a daily game that may be played many times per day in practice mode and once per day in daily challenge mode. The game is not complicated at all. The objective is to correctly guess 16 words out of a possible 21. Every word that you guess has to be a genuine five-letter word. To submit your response, use the enter button. Following each guess, the tiles' colors will change to reflect how close they are to revealing the correct word. After completing the game for the day, players of the word game Sedecordle have the option to start a new game and continue playing. After you have finished providing your daily answers, all that is required of you is to go back and either touch or click on the free leaderboard.


- A word search game along with some entertaining puzzles.
- Players have the opportunity to complete objectives over a variety of levels.
- Applications may be downloaded and run on a variety of platforms.

How to play

You can use mouse to play this game.

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