If you are looking for a game that is harder than Wordle, then you should give Octordle a try. The goal of the game is to identify eight five-letter secret words within a given time limit of thirteen guesses. As you continue, the colored blocks will change to reflect how well you guessed the word. Everything you enter has an impact on both tables at once, allowing you to review your predictions significantly faster. You will have a total of 13 chances, and in each chance you will need to predict 8 5 letter words. The letters will turn yellow whenever the letters you write match the letters of the original word, but the only time they turn blue is when they're in place. Have fun while you can!


- Everyone can appreciate the difficult puzzles of this game.

- You can play it on iOS, Android, and Windows.

- Simple game rules help players overcome challenges.

How to play

You can play this game with your mouse.

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